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Welcome to Precision Learning


The purpose of this site is to provide a variety of free lectures and content for students and teachers alike. Currenty we offer videos and dowloadable worksheets on the website.  We just started a new form of interaction here on the website. From now on I am including series of free downloads with the videos.  The videos can always be found on youtube.  However, the free downloads can only be found here on the web site.  These free downloads may be a variety of files from Microsoft word documents, Microsoft excel documents or PDF files.  These downloads are here to give you a real time interaction with the videos.  From now on if I do a video on how to create a Microsoft excel spreadsheet then you can also download that spreadsheet here.  If I do a lesson in Physics on how to solve a problem you can download the worksheet here also.  This is a work in progress and it's going to take time.  But the idea is to build up a large amount of resources to access and a variety of math and science subjects.  So thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the website!     


Steps to Use this Website

  • Find the correct subject topics by the links in the left navigation bar.

  • Once you navigate to the page go to the download section or the video section

  • Download Section

    • Find the easy, medium of hard subcategory

    • Click the link of the worksheet you want to download

    • Click "Save As" to download it to your computer

    • If you are downloading a worksheet or a spread sheet make sure to enable editing before you use.

  • Video Section

    • Find the subtopic you are interested in

    • Click the hyperlink of the video to launch and view it.


Most of the content on this site is free of charge.   So throughout the site you will see advertisements on related topics to the subject.  For now if you like the information and find it useful donate a small amount below!